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OGTIA is a non-profit organization serving Internet users

To educate the world in how to use the Internet to achieve peak performance.
OGTIA Offerings:

The Keymaker is a Global Classified Ad System that reaches all search engines. Users can use the KeyMaker on Penny7.com, our first affiliate. If you would like to implement this KeyMaker technology on your own web site contact us at info@ogtia.org The classified ad system is generally used as a for profit classified ad information system that reaches all search engines for each ad created. Ads can be for anything, and we have developed easy to use interfaces to buy and sell:

Event Tickets / Work Needed / Real Estate / Event Listings

Web Site Labeling

Web site labeling will forever change how all Internet users find what they want. Web Site Labeling is the first KeyMaker implementation. Each web site label includes business types, language, ratings (PG / R / etc.), and other critical information to help index your site correctly, so the people that are looking for your web site, can find it easily.


White Papers

Ogtia White Papers cover many areas about Internet Economics. (coming soon)

Internet Agency Economic Justice Organization is the agency where you can register your complaints, grievances, or suggestions for industry wide Internet architecture and business process improvements.
Since OGTIA is a non-profit organization and is run by Internet Architects, and software developers, and intellectual property experts, who donate their time, we do not offer a phone number or address. But if you do want to speak to someone, email us at info@ogtia.org, and request that you speak with someone, leave your phone number, and you will be phoned within a few days.